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winter can be nice too

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

I have hit a wall - no, multiple walls, multiple times - this winter, and it's only the beginning of February. 2020 was rough. 2021 is rough (even more so, maybe?). Inside all the time, scary politics and public health issues, mostly unable to see friends and family, watched all the Netflix, finished all the puzzles... But today was sunny ALL day (miracle of miracles, here in Rochester)! And I got outside for a walk, and even though I've had a migraine all day (that meant the sun kind of hurt my head), I so appreciated the beautiful sparkling snow, and decided to write an appreciation post for the nice things that have happened in Dec/Jan/Feb so far.

Winter walks:

Public art appreciation: These are winter walks too, but specifically to see some of the local public, outdoor art at the Cobb's Hill water towers, Abundance Coop, Frederick Douglass branch library, public market & surrounding area, and more.

I was also featured on the Celebrate City Living Instagram page (@ccl_roc) sharing a few of my photos and talking about my love for the water towers, and I was quoted in an article by the fabulous Rochester photographer Quajay Donnell: Public Art Matters.

Cabin living: I am extremely lucky to have access to my family's cabin in the Finger Lakes, where I can go for weekend get aways from time to time. My mom's dog Britt also enjoys sitting by the fire with me.

Bernie in the Roc: I bought a Bernie cut out from local artist Magnus Champlin, and now he lives in the hallway, affectionately called The Grotto, that I share with my neighbor Julie.

RMSC & MAG: Some great exhibits recently! Both places have dated/timed tickets, so it feels pretty safe to visit.

"The Changemakers: Rochester Women Who Changed the World" at the Rochester Museum & Science Center - This is a massive exhibit that we (my mom and I) couldn't even absorb all in one visit, so we plan to go back again. I was excited to see friend Olivia Kim featured, as well as many other awesome women I know or have heard of, including Alice Holloway Young, who I met when I was working at MCC. I wish I'd known at the time that she developed the Urban-Suburban program that my brother and I were a part of (lived in Pittsford, went to school in the city). Also included are the Fox Sisters, and the Public Universal Friend, which I know more about than I would otherwise because friend Paul Moyer has written books about and lectured on them. (Open through Spring)

"Season of Warhol" at the Memorial Art Gallery - I'm honestly not a huge Andy Warhol fan, but I very much enjoyed this exhibit, especially the amazing kinetic-art room with silver "clouds" floating around. (Open until March 28)

Here's to more adventures!

(All images by Tate DeCaro)

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