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Weekend in Buffalo

Updated: May 19

After realizing that the two weeks straight of eyelid twitching I'd been experiencing was probably more due to stress than a lack of sleep, I decided to take a long-weekend, mini-vacation over Labor Day weekend. (Truthfully, the twitching is probably a combination of little sleep, lotsa stress, and needing new computer-distance glasses).

Where to go? Somewhere that I've never explored, of course! But also my weekend wouldn't be eaten up by travel time. I booked a hotel in downtown Buffalo - one with a pool and hot tub, which I used every day.

1. Murals

Too numerous to post here so I created another blog posting with photos! So many really amazing ones. Check them out here:

2. Frank Lloyd Wright

I visited three Wright-designed spaces:

Lots of beautiful animals, but the stars of the show were the four lion cubs! (Video below the photos) There was also some kind of ongoing lantern festival so there were intricate animal and flower themed lanterns everywhere.

Lion cubs at play

Meerkat - the kid in the background is saying "“That’s sad that they never get to see TV.” His mom replied that they entertain themselves.

Slow frog

4. The beach

The weather was gorgeous all weekend! I took a wander on Saturday along a small beach just south of the city, on Lake Erie.

5. The food - the streets - the sunsets

  • Deep South Taco (guac & chips, and a quesadilla)

  • King Condrell's Candy & Ice Cream (black raspberry & chocolate ice cream)

  • Mulberry Italian Ristorante (scallops on linguini with a mushroom & shallot cream sauce, followed by a Mulberry Mimosa, and creme brûlée)

  • Fitz Books & Waffles (I bought 2 books)

  • Five Points Bakery (sourdough toast with avocado, greens, sharp cheddar, & turkey)

  • Shark Girl, near the roller skating rink

  • Canalside and the waterfront area at sunset

  • Walking around downtown

  • TOYS sign for sale, from a Toys R Us

  • The coolest man ever (even his socks were pink!)

Skating rink - clips of one guy who was just killin' it!

A visit to a beautiful basilica in Lackawanna, just south of Buffalo.

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