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Ithaca is (I know you know) Gorges

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

My mom and I spent Labor Day weekend in Ithaca - she'd never been! We had a beautiful, sunny Saturday, followed by a rainy Sunday, but we were able to do a lot in those days, including waterfalls, an art gallery, library, and botanical gardens.

We visited just a few of the MANY waterfalls in the area: Taughanock Falls, Ithaca Falls, and Wells Falls. (The couple with the cute dogs aren't people we know, we just fell in love with their dogs.)

Wells Falls (part of Six Mile Creek):


The bell in the tree:


View from the top floor of the art museum, with Ithaca below, and Cayuga Lake to the right:

White Library:


Other stuff:

  • The Dorm Hotel, where we stayed (my room had a photo of Fauci above the bed)

  • Kelly's Dockside Cafe

  • Murals, public art, and signs

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