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I Made That: Cross Stitch

Updated: May 16, 2022

These are most of the pieces I've made over the last 20 or so years. I continue to make them as gifts for family and friends, and friends' kiddos (see below for who each one was given to). Right now I am actually working on one for myself, for the first time ever!

  • Fox, kingfisher, pig, giraffe, hedgehog, bear, and owl - friends Dorothy, Jonah & son

  • Roll Tide (Alabama Crimson Tide) - Jason & Erin

  • Quote and Day of the Dead skulls - friend Josh

  • Black and white swans - my parents, for their 40th anniversary

  • Rainbow Rochester skyline - friends Tanya, Scott & son

  • Beatrix Potter growth chart - friends Alexa, Jon & daughters

  • World map with animals - friends Sally, David & son

  • Beatrix Potter washing line - friends Jeff, Michele & daughter

  • Sun and moon girls - my older niece

  • Alphabet butterflies - my younger niece

  • Four environmental awareness squares, small Rochester skyline, Peter Rabbit, and spooky owl - all for RoCo 6x6 exhibit (different years)

  • Scubadiver - friends Sally, David & son

July 2021 update: Finally finished and got framed the piece I was making for myself.

May 2022 update: Rainbow ROC logo 6x6 piece for RoCo; ROC skyline for my friend Julie.

P.S. If you're looking for photos of my Ukrainian Easter Eggs, go to:

(All images above by Tate DeCaro)

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