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I Made That: Cross Stitch & Eggs

Updated: Nov 8

Cross Stitch

These are most of the pieces I've made over the last 20 or so years. I continue to make them as gifts for family and friends, and friends' kiddos (see below for who each one was given to). Right now I am actually working on one for myself, for the first time ever!

  • Fox, kingfisher, pig, giraffe, hedgehog, bear, and owl - friends Dorothy, Jonah & son

  • Roll Tide (Alabama Crimson Tide) - Jason & Erin

  • Quote and Day of the Dead skulls - friend Josh

  • Black and white swans - my parents, for their 40th anniversary

  • Rainbow Rochester skyline - friends Tanya, Scott & son

  • Beatrix Potter growth chart - friends Alexa, Jon & daughters

  • World map with animals - friends Sally, David & son

  • Beatrix Potter washing line - friends Jeff, Michele & daughter

  • Sun and moon girls - my older niece

  • Alphabet butterflies - my younger niece

  • Four environmental awareness squares, small Rochester skyline, Peter Rabbit, and spooky owl - all for RoCo 6x6 exhibit (different years)

  • Scubadiver - friends Sally, David & son

Updated on July 9: Finally finished and got framed the piece I was making for myself.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

I started doing Ukrainian egg dyeing when I was about eight years old, so I've been doing them with my mom for over 30 years. She learned from a Ukrainian friend of hers. Each year we start some time in February, and continue on past Easter, usually until the end of April (this year, until May 9!). These are some of them (we have so many) from the last 10 years or so. My mom also makes amazing eggs, but all of the ones below are mine, with the exception of some of the ones in the large basket.


I also love exploring in and around Rochester, and taking photos... here are a few posts I've already made with some of those.

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The world always seems brighter when you’ve just

made something that wasn’t there before. ― Neil Gaiman

(All images by Tate DeCaro)

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