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Denmark for Christmas

Updated: Jan 14

This year for Christmas, my mom and I visited family friends in Denmark from December 21-27, 2022 ... too short, but worth the long travel days!

Many of you will have already seen photos on Facebook, but I wanted to share with those not on social media.

For those that don't know, my mom lived in Denmark for one year when she was 25 years old, in 1970. She stayed with a family, studied Danish, and helped on the farm (her job was to feed the chickens, and get their eggs). We've stayed in touch with the family through the years, but hadn't seen them in a long time, so it was time for a visit!


Dinners at Elizabeth & Niels-Peter's house: A Christmas celebration with their daughter and grandson Anne-Sophie & Julius (and dog Velvet), a get together with Inger-Marie & Troels, and our last night in Denmark - dinner with the whole family, include their son Christopher and his wife Stine, and kids Vega & Valentin.

(Last photo is two kinds of a kale side dish - but when they were trying to think of the English word they tried to say green cabbage, but instead said green garbage! So then we just kept calling it green garbage - even though it tastes very good!).

Velvet's Christmas gift was wrapping paper!


A day in Viborg - shopping, wandering along the decorated walking streets, and visiting the Christmas Village and the cathedral.

Santas playing music at the Christmas Village.


Christmas eve at Christopher & Stine's house: Elisabeth & Niels-Peter, Christopher & Stine and kids Vega & Valentin, and Stine's parents & brother.


Visiting the Hans Christian Andersen home & museum (they were closed, but it was still a beautiful walk!).


Memory Lane: Visiting the school where my mom studied Danish, the farm where she lived, and the church where Elisabeth & Niels-Peter were married, and also where their cousin Otto is buried, who was a close friend of my mom's when she lived there. The sepia-toned photo is an aerial shot of the farm from around the time when my mom lived there - the house was exposed brick at the time, not painted white.


Lunch with Inger-Marie & Troels and their whole family - son and daughters Lise, Jens, & Tove, and their spouses and kids.

Two side-by-sides - Tove in 1990 and now, with a bunny my Aunt Ann gave her for her birthday (on a visit to Poughkeepsie); Troels wearing a hat my dad gave him on that same visit to the States.

Singing "Nu er det jul igen" (Now it is Christmas again) around the tree, then into every room of the house! Don't worry, I didn't record the entire thing! Just a few rooms, then they disappear for a little bit, and pop back out a different door.


Some of the beautiful decorations in people's homes, plus an early Christmas morning frost.

A beautiful decoration:


Traveling back to the States: Sunrise in Aalborg, windmills near Copenhagen, sunset in DC.

Til next time, Denmark!

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