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Amsterdam: Part 1

Updated: 4 days ago

I can't fit it all in one post, so this is Part One. Here are a lot of the things I did and saw while wandering the streets of Amsterdam.

(I mean... can you even believe this photo is of a real place?! It looks fake! Gorgeous, but like dollhouses.)


Out and about... including many bikes, some tulips and shadows, one dog, two cats, the beautifully tiled Cuyperpassage beneath the train station, the West Indish Huis (former headquarters of the Dutch West India Co, whose governors ordered the construction of a fort on Manhattan, laying the foundations for New Amsterdam, later NYC), the Royal Palace, the Oulde Kerk (old church), and the train station.


Evening wanderings - reflections, the Italian glass mosaic "Amsterdam Oersoep" art piece in the Beurspassage. and a statue of Major Alida Bosshardt, a Salvation Army officer who saved children from the hands of the Nazis, and then did charity work in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.


(Last photo is of the second smallest house in Amsterdam)


Tony's Chocolonely super store - Dutch chocolate company with the mission to make all chocolate 100% exploitation-free. Plus it's delicious, and the store is very fun!


Some of my food! I promise, I really did eat more than just sweets! But mostly sweets is what I took photos of, because they were so pretty.

  • Dutch coffee (with eggnog & whipped cream)

  • Dutch pancake (like a crepe) with apple & cheese

  • Stroopwaffel

  • A crispy waffle with Nutella & strawberry jam

  • A salad and fries with fresh mint tea

  • Dutch apple pie

  • Another Dutch pancake with goat cheese, honey & walnuts

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