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Music City - Nashville, TN

Updated: May 19

I recently had the opportunity to visit Nashville, TN for a conference, and decided to fly in a few days early to explore "music city," since I'd never been before!

Walking along Broadway, up by the river, and near the Country Music Hall of Fame

(Gotta be honest, the "Walk of Fame" is pretty confusing! Just the most random names!)

National Museum of African American Music, outlining history dating back to Africa and the music that slaves brought to the US, morphing into different genres like country, blues, and bluegrass, then into R&B, hip-hip, and rap. Just fascinating!

21c Hotel & Art Gallery, including an elevator penguin.

Grand Opryland Resort - 9 miles of trails through a solarium tropical garden, with multiple different rooms, waterfalls, fountains, and restaurants, plus thousands of varieties of tropical plants.

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