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Susan B. & Freddie D.

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

On Tuesday I stopped by Mt. Hope Cemetery in the late afternoon to visit the gravesite of Susan B. Anthony (as well as my dad, nearby) - the 6th year in a row that I have left an I Voted sticker there on election day. As I was leaving I noticed a bright pink sky above, and pulled off to photograph the Frederick Douglass statue. As we anxiously await election results, I am continuously buoyed by the outpouring of support I witnessed there, the sky and sun and light, and the bright Fall colors that signify the changing of the seasons. I don't know what will happen in the coming weeks/months/years... besides the fact that, no matter the outcome of this election, there is still so much more hard work to do. But I do know that I will continue to try to find joy and beauty in these things, and to enjoy sharing it with you.

(All images by Tate DeCaro)

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