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Rochester: It's Got It

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Your one-stop-shop to (some of) my favorite local haunts (not including restaurants). I've also added a few day trips & weekend trips that are within a few hours of Rochester. And if something is bolded and underlined, that means I've added a link, so you can learn more!


Free & Outdoors

Cobb's Hill

The old water towers offer a constantly-changing public art display of murals and other graffiti. Different every time. And when the more accessible tower dries out, throwing stones inside it and listening to the echoes is amazing and otherworldly. Sunsets from the lookout are also beautiful - one of the best places for a view of the Rochester skyline. The woods around the water towers - called Washington Grove - are also lovely and peaceful for an easy stroll. Here is a slideshow of a few of my pictures, through all seasons:

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Wall Therapy

Another great public art project - this one requires a bit more effort, as their are gorgeous murals located all over the city. Some of my favorites are in the Swillburg, South Wedge, & Susan B. Anthony neighborhoods, in & around the Public Market, and the El Camino Trail. The easiest way to find them all is by using their interactive map. Below is a small selection of them:

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Genesee River Gorge, and the Lower Falls, Middle & High Falls

There are multiple ways to enjoy the falls and the Genesee River gorge... High Falls and Lower Falls both have easily accessible viewing platforms and bridges from which you can see the water. The Middle Falls are much smaller, but have a bridge across them where you can look down from above. The Genesee River Trail offers a number of cool views. And you can walk down into the gorge near Seth Green Park on St. Paul Blvd.

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Parks, Parks, Parks

There really is a lot to explore outside in the Rochester area, for example...