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Louisville, KY

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I took a road trip to visit Louisville, KY for a week's vacation, just to explore somewhere new, and see an old college friend and her family. It was a wonderful visit. Me and my camera enjoyed it a lot. :) Doesn't hurt that I also got to see Trevor Noah on his Off the Record tour at The Palace Theater, just a few blocks from my Air BnB. Here are some photos...

Some of Louisville's many murals

Other fun stuff out and about, including a huge, golden David statue, a pomegranate limo, 4th Street Live, bird statues along the river walk, "The Witch's Tree," and my Valentine's Day, Southern biscuit-and-fried-chicken breakfast.

Cave Hill Cemetery, with Colonel Sanders (of KFC), "Mr. Magic," baseball player Pete Browning, Muhammad Ali, and more. Plus ducks, geese, and swans.

Falls of the Ohio State Park - fossil beds along the Ohio River.

Mammoth Cave

Bernheim Forest, including three Forest Giants: Mama Loumarie, Elina, and Little Nis.

Sunrise / sunset views from my Air BnB apartment downtown, on the 24th floor (last photo is of the apartment building itself).

Speed Art Museum, including an African drum & dance performance

Flame Run - My friend Elizabeth's husband Adam is a glass blower, and gave me a demo. And then I bought 3 things in the store, and Adam gave me a gorgeous vase he'd made.

The Palace Theater to see Trevor Noah - hardest I've laughed in a long time!

A walk across the Ohio River on the Big Four Bridge, plus views of some of the other bridges from the river walk.

Louisville Slugger Museum

House where Thomas Edison stayed when he lived in Louisville, and the St. Martin of Tours church, with skeletal relics of St. Magnus, Roman centurion, and St. Bonosa, Roman virgin.

21C Museum Hotel, and The Rathskeller room at the Seelbach Hilton

Skate Park at 8:00 am - for the artwork and the shadows!

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