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Lightning, Caves, Murals & Mines

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Some of my Hudson Valley adventures from my 10-day vacation downstate (best viewed on a computer, as opposed to a phone):

Lightning storm! This was my view from the second story patio of my AirBnB in Kingston, NY (looking North). An incredibly impressive lightening storm from afar! There was almost no sound, because it was too far off, but man did the skies light up.

(In the videos below what you hear is the wind blowing and an a/c unit running nearby.)


The beautiful murals of Kingston, NY - many a part of their O+ Festival mural program.


Dover Stone Church Falls in Dover Plains, NY

Inside the cavern is a 30-foot waterfall cascading into a pool of water that flows through and then out of the cavern entrance. It was a relatively short and easy hike, except for the fact that it was 95° the day I went. Luckily, as I walked up the stream towards the cave it became cooler and cooler until, at the mouth of the cave, it was at least ten degrees cooler than everywhere else. There was a lovely breeze, and plenty of flat rocks to sit on while I dangled my feet in the cold water!

(P.S. The empty shoes I found just like that in the middle of the path... Was someone raptured?!)


The Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, NY

A 19th century natural cement mine - i.e., digging for dolomite limestone, which was the key ingredient to "Rosendale cement," used in the construction of many historic structures of the time, including the Erie Canal, Brooklyn Bridge, the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, the Capitol, the NYS Thruway, and more. In more recent years the mine has been used as a performance venue, art gallery, and recording studio.

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