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2021 Reading Challenge

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

I was feeling like my yearly reading challenge was getting a little stale (see my 2020 Reading Challenge), because I wasn't really excited to start again this year. So, I've done some revamping to keep it fresh, and also to keep it a challenge. My reading tastes have changed a lot over the past few years of doing these challenges. This means that some of the items that were a challenge before are no longer hard for me to find/convince myself to read. I've kept a few of the same items on the list, but most are new (or similar but more specific).

Tate’s 2021 Reading Challenge

1. a book of diverse folktales/mythology; or a diverse retelling; or in a non-western setting

2. POC author: Black/African

3. a book by a female author in a male-dominated genre

4. POC author: Middle Eastern/South Asian

5. a book that was published independently or through a small publishing house

6. a book that focuses on sexuality &/or gender identity

7. a book about mental health or addiction

8. POC author: Hispanic/Latinx

9. a book that focuses on people with disabilities &/or disability rights

10. POC author: Native American/Indigenous/First Nations

11. a book that focuses on a religious minority

12. POC author: Mixed race

13. a book that has been translated from another language

14. a book by a local author

15. a memoir, biography, or autobiography

16. a book that was published in 2021

17. POC author: East Asian/Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander

18. a book by or about a refugee or the refugee experience

19. a mystery where the victim is not a woman

20. a book written by someone in prison

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